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Chris Ripley
11668 Cygnet Drive
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Born amidst the charm of Providence, Rhode Island, I’ve journeyed through a kaleidoscope of cities, weaving tales from Woonsocket to Richmond, Baltimore to Newport News, until finding solace in the quaint shores of Wareham, Massachusetts, where family ties grew stronger.

Amidst the bustling rhythm of life, I embarked on an academic odyssey, earning my stripes with a B.A. in Economics from the prestigious University of Virginia, followed by a master’s in Management from the esteemed halls of the University of Maryland University College.

My professional saga unfolded across 22 years in the vibrant tapestry of retail, from the glitz of Macy’s to the pulse of Dayton-Hudson and the May Company. Across Atlanta, Columbia, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and finally Waldorf, I honed my craft, donning the mantle of store manager and women’s shoe buyer, all while orchestrating the dance of human resources with finesse.

But life is a mosaic, not confined to a single hue. For two decades, I sculpted strategies as the captain of my ship at the helm of the Strategic Marketing Group, nurturing dreams into reality in the heart of Waldorf, Maryland.

A new chapter unfolded as I embraced the role of educator, imparting wisdom as a beacon of knowledge at the College of Southern Maryland, and as an adjunct professor at UMGC since 2016.

In the embrace of Waldorf, I find sanctuary with Joyce, my steadfast companion of 43 years, and our loyal confidant, Shadow the Dog. Amidst the ebb and flow of existence, golf whispers promises of adventure, while the canvas of black-and-white fine art photography captures the essence of fleeting moments.

With every sunrise, I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, ready to collaborate and inspire as we navigate the currents of life together.