Should Your Small Business Be Using PPC Ads?

Several Reasons Why You Should Investigate PPC for Your Small Business

A lot of small business owners might have never considered the potential for using pay per click ads for marketing their local business. That’s unfortunate, as there are several clear advantages to doing this.

Let’s take a moment to check out four reasons why it’s important for you to at least consider utilizing pay per click ads for your small business.

Four terrific reasons why PPC works well in local marketing

Instant visitors – Probably the best thing about using PPC for local is that you aren’t waiting around for results. People are showing up as soon as your ads go live, providing you’ve set it up and bid properly. You’ll get a mountain of data that can tell you much more about your consumers: what keywords are working, ad copy and much more. Additionally you can easily measure and track all results.

Hog the first page – Getting an organic listing on Google is fantastic, but that can take ages and can disappear overnight for no apparent reasons. Why don’t you own a top PPC listing on page one that’s a lot harder to eliminate? This can help you push your competition down or off the page, and will also serve to give your brand more credibility and authority in the eyes of your searchers.

The ability to target your customers and prospects – With advanced demographic targeting tools available, you can target only consumers who live in a particular area, are of a particular gender, or many other factors.

Employ remarketing – A relative newcomer to online ads is remarketing. They are the sorta creepy, (yet highly effective) ads that seem to follow along with you wherever you go online. Like it or not, ad networks are tracking what your interests are, and using that information. The great news is, you can now use this to your advantage as well.