Make Adding Value Your Mission!

In the past, it was quite often enough to slap up a site and open for business, and you’d most likely do okay. No longer. Competition is keen, and those that don’t understand or know that delivering value is the principal goal of any business online are going to find themselves scrambling to make ends meet. This is especially true in relation to marketing via email or social media. Let’s take a look at why this is so.

Why you need to prize value

The principal reason is it helps your brand stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Monitor conversations online and you’ll see, for the most part, two types: ones that slam a business or product and ones that effuse praise. Everything else is ignored. Making these people talk about both you and your brand in a positive light is your job, and the most effective way to do that is by over-delivering. That can happen in many ways. It could mean delivering unannounced bonuses, sales, appreciation gifts and more. Each of these can delight the customer, who will in turn share their experience as well as return for more!

Why email and social media are special cases

When it comes to marketing using email or social media, slightly different rules apply. You are held to higher standards here. Whereas your website is expected to sell, email and social media are a bit trickier. While both of them are still technically permission-based, neither audience is keen on endless marketing messages, and can revolt by unsubscribing or un-following you. While email has long been a marketing vehicle, increased competition and a social media trained audience demand that you deliver value. This in fact helps, as it builds the know, like and trust factors so essential in creating a lifelong customer. In social media, the secret is to get them intrigued enough in your brand or products that they wish to opt in and go to the next level with you. Once you’ve learned the art of subtle persuasion and managed to get them on your email lists, they’ll be far more open to hear your marketing messages.

Make value your mission! If you do this, regardless of what medium you are working in, you’ll find a far more responsive and loyal crowd!