Ways to Use Instagram in Your Marketing You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of!

We’ve all noticed as Instagram has become the newest web property to soar to stratospheric heights, and with their acquisition by Facebook, it looks as if that’s not going to stall anytime soon. What’s been fascinating to notice however is how innovative marketers have started to use the platform in many ways you might not have imagined.

Let’s hear it for Kuwaiti ingenuity!

According to Kottke.org, Kuwaitis have taken to working with Instagram as a visually oriented mobile store, selling nearly anything they wish. Some of the offerings you can find are Manga, clothing and fashion accessories, makeup services, and surprisingly, sheep! While selling sheep on Instagram might not be your thing, you can appreciate the ingenuity of these people using Instagram for their own marketing purposes in uniquely innovative way. They have products they would like to sell, so they take a picture, upload it into their Instagram account, include a price and ask them to contact for more information or to purchase. Marketing at its most basic, on a world-wide scale!

What are the takeaways here for us?

The key lesson to learn here is that there’s always opportunity for those ready to think outside the box and explore the possibilities. You may not be inclined to sell directly off of Instagram, however some marketers are already using it to direct to CPA offers, send people to squeeze pages for list building plus more. With a base so large and growing every day, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to connect with people who are interested, (at least in the images you uploaded) and it’s up to you to find a way to connect the dots in your marketing efforts. Let your imagination go wild!

Might want to get about it now, however, as seeing as this is now a Facebook property, it’s more than likely change will be a part of its future, so strike now!