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Why You Need to Look into Visual Marketing

Why You Need to Look into Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is coming to a screen near you. The truth is, it’s already there! The practice of using videos, images and other content connected with some visual element, (such as blog posts) is getting huge attention now as these mediums show themselves capable of driving far more traffic and sales than just text. The social world we live in fosters near-instant sharing of our visual content which, as we know, can go widespread in seconds.

Since we now know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 80 percent of visual content sticks with us as opposed to 20 percent of textual, it ought to be no surprise that visual marketing is responsible for 84 percent more views and 94 percent more clicks than text.

How to make your own visual marketing work

Utilize the social media image giants – There are several social media networks that join the visual aspect with a thriving and vibrant social media community. The big ones that come to mind are Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All have visual capacity that boggles the mind.

Make sure to add a visual aspect to your other content – Blog posts with images get clicked on far more than ones that don’t, and shares are correspondingly higher as well. There are many places to find great visuals, or you can make your own with tools like Canva and PicMonkey.

Optimize images and videos – Be sure you optimize visual content with appropriate titles and keywords. This will not just help them rank better in the search results, but also allow people to discover them with a keyword search.

Create Slideshows and Infographics – Two of the most highly trafficked and search engine popular visual content sources are document sharing site like and infographics. Both are shared widely and can generate an avalanche of traffic and visitors. Slideshows are super easy to create, and infographics are becoming that way.

Okay, let me provide you with one more bit of stunning data that will get you thinking: Were you aware that the average Pinterest user clocks an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site compared to 36 minutes on Twitter and 12.1 minutes on Facebook? Let’s hear it for visual content!

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Mobile Devices

Since huge numbers of people are making Facebook a frequent daily stop, and more than 50 percent of them are using a mobile device for it, perhaps it’s wise for us to take a look at how our Facebook business page is being shown to the public. If you require more coaxing, now some 79% of smartphone users use their phones to go shopping, with 74% making a purchase as a result. Since Facebook creates a mobilized version of your Facebook page, you might have thought that’s all there was to it. Would that were so! Let’s take a peek at some things you should be aware of.

Look at how your Facebook Page is rendered on a mobile device

Facebook creates a summarized version of your web page that is served to the public via their mobile devices. It’s important that you take a moment and discover how this looks. The first part of your Facebook page that is rendered is your Timeline, although, and this is important: not all of it. That’s why you’ll need to make sure you have a “pinned” post, so that it will be featured first and most prominently. After this is the Recommendations and Check-Ins section, and then photos, and lastly, your most recent post.

A few ways to help optimize your Facebook Page

  • Keep in mind that you have far less time and space on Mobile to acquire the attention of your visitors. Take pains to use smaller, eye-catching photos, and to not mince words! Be brief and direct in your text and particularly any calls to action.
  • “Pin” a post you want to show up first in your mobile timeline, as this will ensure it does.
  • Log into your Facebook page from a mobile device and see that your important info is not only there but correct. You need people to manage to find you! This can be done using “Facebook Nearby”.
  • One way to improve social word of mouth is to stimulate check-ins from your location. This makes a big difference with Facebook.
  • Engage with your visitors while you are on your mobile device, and this is not just convenient for you, but helps you keep on top of activity on your page easily.

Make Adding Value Your Mission!

In the past, it was quite often enough to slap up a site and open for business, and you’d most likely do okay. No longer. Competition is keen, and those that don’t understand or know that delivering value is the principal goal of any business online are going to find themselves scrambling to make ends meet. This is especially true in relation to marketing via email or social media. Let’s take a look at why this is so.

Why you need to prize value

The principal reason is it helps your brand stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Monitor conversations online and you’ll see, for the most part, two types: ones that slam a business or product and ones that effuse praise. Everything else is ignored. Making these people talk about both you and your brand in a positive light is your job, and the most effective way to do that is by over-delivering. That can happen in many ways. It could mean delivering unannounced bonuses, sales, appreciation gifts and more. Each of these can delight the customer, who will in turn share their experience as well as return for more!

Why email and social media are special cases

When it comes to marketing using email or social media, slightly different rules apply. You are held to higher standards here. Whereas your website is expected to sell, email and social media are a bit trickier. While both of them are still technically permission-based, neither audience is keen on endless marketing messages, and can revolt by unsubscribing or un-following you. While email has long been a marketing vehicle, increased competition and a social media trained audience demand that you deliver value. This in fact helps, as it builds the know, like and trust factors so essential in creating a lifelong customer. In social media, the secret is to get them intrigued enough in your brand or products that they wish to opt in and go to the next level with you. Once you’ve learned the art of subtle persuasion and managed to get them on your email lists, they’ll be far more open to hear your marketing messages.

Make value your mission! If you do this, regardless of what medium you are working in, you’ll find a far more responsive and loyal crowd!

Ways to Use Instagram in Your Marketing You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of!

We’ve all noticed as Instagram has become the newest web property to soar to stratospheric heights, and with their acquisition by Facebook, it looks as if that’s not going to stall anytime soon. What’s been fascinating to notice however is how innovative marketers have started to use the platform in many ways you might not have imagined.

Let’s hear it for Kuwaiti ingenuity!

According to, Kuwaitis have taken to working with Instagram as a visually oriented mobile store, selling nearly anything they wish. Some of the offerings you can find are Manga, clothing and fashion accessories, makeup services, and surprisingly, sheep! While selling sheep on Instagram might not be your thing, you can appreciate the ingenuity of these people using Instagram for their own marketing purposes in uniquely innovative way. They have products they would like to sell, so they take a picture, upload it into their Instagram account, include a price and ask them to contact for more information or to purchase. Marketing at its most basic, on a world-wide scale!

What are the takeaways here for us?

The key lesson to learn here is that there’s always opportunity for those ready to think outside the box and explore the possibilities. You may not be inclined to sell directly off of Instagram, however some marketers are already using it to direct to CPA offers, send people to squeeze pages for list building plus more. With a base so large and growing every day, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to connect with people who are interested, (at least in the images you uploaded) and it’s up to you to find a way to connect the dots in your marketing efforts. Let your imagination go wild!

Might want to get about it now, however, as seeing as this is now a Facebook property, it’s more than likely change will be a part of its future, so strike now!