Newsflash! – Pinterest Traffic Converts Like Gangbusters!

Blog GraphicSo, let’s have a quick show of hands: how many of you thought Pinterest was just another place to post your photos, as well as pick up some easy links. Don’t be embarrassed, many of us didn’t know Pinterest would end up being the traffic monster it’s fast morphing into, and even fewer imagined traffic from there would convert. Rethink it all!

5 Killer stats that show how Pinterest is changing the game!

  1. You might find hard to believe: (I did) but it’s a cold hard fact that according to Mashable, Pinterest is sending more visitors to our sites that the combined forces of Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+!
  2. What’s even better is that this traffic is converting madly! Can you think Pinterest traffic is converting at rates 50% higher than all the others!
  3. Pinterest peeps are generally much more likely to part with cold hard cash, spending more money more often than all of the other big social media behemoths.
  4. Pinterest is now getting 4 times more revenue per click than Twitter and a tremendous 27 percent more than Facebook. Who saw that coming?
  5. How much more? According to Piqora, a single Pin can now fetch $0.78 in sales, and that figure is growing by nearly 25 percent year over year.

So how do you make Pinterest traffic work for you?

Like anything else in social media marketing, it can take a continuous effort over some time for you to see significant results. Even though the viral aspects of social media definitely apply to Pinterest, you’ll need to have a plan, and someone to carry it out to obtain the best results.

The first step is knowing what you can pin. It’s not only pictures! Any media that has any sort of visual component has the potential to help out. Think about blog posts, videos, slideshows, book covers, marketing materials, Powerpoint presentations and more. Make it easy for your site visitors to pin your content back to their Pinterest accounts by using a Pin It button. Create a Pinterest account for your business, and start some pin boards, linking back to your products and services on your site. Pinterest is not hard to get started with, and offers the potential to drive a large number of converting buyers to your site. Get in while the getting’s good!